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Ken Dietz is a distinguished local interior designer and tastemaker known for his sophisticated and contemporary design style. He and his design firm Dietz & Associates, Inc. have been working with residential, commercial and institutional clients from Vermont to Florida since 1994. His signature style is calm, eclectic, comfortable and always a collaborative effort between he and his clients.

Possessing a keen eye for detail and a passion for finding unique pieces and mixing old with new, Ken and his team are able to bring these special talents to their design projects. With personal collections and interests in contemporary art, Murano glass and unique lighting fixtures and vintage furnishings, he adds a unique and personal dimension to all his design work.

"Good design is timeless and when mixed successfully with a building's architecture, function and client's dreams, it only becomes more fulfilling and rewarding as time passes," notes Ken. Whether asked to redesign and renovate a master bathroom, oversee and install a clients growing art collection or collaborate with a client and builder to design a new home from the ground up, he and his team execute functional design.

"Good design is timeless and when mixed successfully with a building's architecture, function and client's dreams, it only becomes more fulfilling and rewarding as time passes"

Dietz & Associates current design roster features private residences and vacation homes throughout New England as well as a new 42,000 square foot temple in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The year and a half collaboration with the Temple Beth Elohim building committee and renowned local architectural firm William Rawn & Associates was a truly gratifying experience for Dietz & Associates. The design team was asked to sit on multiple committees who's goals were to meld the architectural design and the TBE community through the interior design of the new building. "Our biggest design goal was to successfully provide TBE with cherished interiors. A place that one is always excited to be, a place where one feels welcome, safe and connected to their community. A place that gives you hope and a deeper connection to your faith. A place that radiates with holiness and beauty", says Ken.

Another fun and rewarding project was the design development of a local boutique style personal training facility in Newton, MA Vitality Personal Fitness, housed in a light filled industrial space, was transformed into a stylish studio that captures the Vitality brand. "We worked closely with the client's desire to create an aesthetically pleasing energetic fitness studio. The Vitality brand was thoughtfully carried throughout the design process utilizing finishes and materials that were both durable and realistic for an active space while still visually pleasing", says Ken.

Dietz & Associates' work has been featured in many local and national publications including Metropolitan Home, New England Home, Boston Globe, Boston Magazine and Improper Bostonian. Ken and his team always put the style and comfort of the client foremost in the design process while maintaining a balance within the spaces that assures the outcome is the best personal expression of each client. His design mantra of "surrounding yourself with the things you love" makes all his work timeless and has kept him a favorite in the New England design world for over two decades.

Market Talk

Your view and what most excites you about the design trends and colors of 2012:
I've been a long time advocate of using simple and natural materials in all our projects. I take influences and cues from the environment when developing a design and color theme for any project. Currently the market is full of nature influenced materials, fixtures and furnishings for the home and work environments. The exciting part is the contrast and mix of these materials, colors and period influences. For example, the In Colors can be seen as positive and negative, lots of blacks grays and whites; and in the same space warm colors like orange, red, pink and purple get equal play. We love a natural cement or old wide plank floor material contrasted with glossy glass and ceramics; the sleek contemporary dining table paired with casual wood or fabrics covered chairs. For lighting it is amazing how powerful a single fixture can be in a space when there is an evident style tension. For example, a traditional mahogany dining table with a gorgeous contemporary chandelier suspended over head. I think the Italians do this best.

Mix & Match: Choose two items from the current M27 collection:
I would love to pair these whimsical 1920's NID Wing Chairs with exposed wood details, un-upholstered and ready to be refinished, with the Mid Century Evan's Style Drum Table with patinated metal finish. The pair of chairs are unique and slightly classical in form, the wood trim could be refinished with a beautiful glossy paint then reupholstered in a clean printed linen or a geometric cut velvet.

Designer Finds: a store or web site, nationally or locally that you feel is an exciting resource:
Grey Area a really cool site featuring art and design objects that cross the undefined space between art and design, where art is made functional and the functional is made art.

Current and upcoming Design or Art related events that you are involved with or interested in. i.e., national and local art, design and educational related openings, previews and events:
I am a big advocate for starting your very own art collection, whatever your taste or budget may be. Start small, buy pieces you love and will put a smile on your face every time you walk past them in your home. We are very lucky here in the Boston area to have so many renowned art and design related schools and museums, most of which have alumni, student and staff art fairs throughout the year. Here is a list of my favorite places to start your very own art and design collections.

Market Third Degree

Who or what most influences your design:
Interior Designer, Sir David Hicks was an amazingly creative interior decorator as well as garden designer and remains an inspiration to generations of designers to this day. His interiors reflected his love of grand opulent spaces, richly filled with a delft mix of traditional and contemporary pieces, they continue to be simple, functional and comfortable till this day. "Taste is not something you are born with, nor is it anything to do with your social background. It is worth remembering that practically anyone of significance in the world of the arts, whether in the past or today, was nobody to start with. Nobody has ever heard of Handel's or Gainsborough's father", Sir David Hicks 1929-1998. Sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy This amazingly creative and inspiring man who's works have become world renowned and placed. He is an extraordinary, innovative British artist whose collaborations with nature produce uniquely personal and intense artworks. Using a seemingly endless range of natural materials such as snow, ice, leaves, bark, rocks, stones, feathers, petals and twigs, creates outdoor sculpture that manifests, however fleeting, a sympathetic contact with the natural world. Before they disappear, or as they disappear. The DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, MA will be host to a site specific installation for the public to view and touch called "Snow House".

When are you most creative and why:
Generally in the mornings during a run through the surrounding Boston parks system. It is the time at which my mind is the most clear, any problems or questions I went to bed with the night before are more easily solved.

The color you use most or want to use more often:
I love using the color gray in many of my interior and exterior projects. It is so diverse, ranging from a warm tan-gray to a cool blue-gray, It can be light, smooth and rich or deep, dark and moody. "Gray" encompasses a very rich and sophisticated range of colors.

Something you always try to use on a project:
A good friend and mentor of mine once said, "Every room should have a bit of red in it". No matter how monochromatic an interior or exterior space is planned to be, it is only really successful with a bit of red. That being said, red can be a wood tone, tile, stone, paint, a copper table or a simple glass accessory; Red is only Red in comparison to the colors around it.

Favorite destination to relax, recharge and why:
Anywhere warm and sunny with the ocean in clear view. Currently I have been dreaming of Miami Beach and Caribbean Islands.

Current favorite food or cocktail:
Fresh seafood and sushi with jalapeño infused tequila in the warm months and mom's beef stew with a small batch bourbon Manhattan, straight up with a twist not a cherry in the cold months.

One item you can't live without: Oysters on the half shell

Free advice, one thing you would tell our readers:
Habitually watching hours of television will turn your mind into a pile of senseless mush. There are so many other relaxing and invigorating activities you could be doing that would enrich your life forever, not just till the next commercial.

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